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Setting Up A Wireless Printer

setting up a wireless printer

    setting up
  • Loading a baggage car with mail and parcels according to a prearranged plan to facilitate rapid unloading at various stations along the line

  • Each player places their marbles in the starting area. After setting up, each player rolls the die. The highest number goes first, then play proceeds to the left. If two or more players roll the same number, they roll again to break the tie.

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  • transmission by radio waves

  • radio: medium for communication

  • Lacking or not requiring wires

  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

  • A person whose job or business is commercial printing

  • A machine for printing text or pictures onto paper, esp. one linked to a computer

  • someone whose occupation is printing

  • a machine that prints

  • (computer science) an output device that prints the results of data processing

41/365 Top Class Education .....

41/365 Top Class Education .....

So this is what a top class education does for you ..........

The day started with a filthy cold and an argument with me being thinking too much about myself and not enough about Liane - it was the day to drive to Cambridge Uni and drop her off!

After an uneventful trip up, we were met be Liane's "parent" (a 2nd year volunteer to help Liane over the next few weeks) who showed Liane around the place while I set up the wireless printer and router - after some amount of cursing, Liane found out the internet would not be activated until tomorrow ...... so if it doesn't work properly, there is little I can do ........

So the picture? The printer can print 3D prints (with the bundled software to produce them) and this is Liane enjoying the sample I used to test the printer connectivity - at least I know THAT works!

It was time to go and we were hurried out of the door amongst trembling lips and damp eyes - Liane was blaming her lenses but I had no such excuse! It was a quiet drive home and reasonably uneventful except for a burnt out Landie that had brought us all to a halt for a 30 minutes or so.

And what about the other one? ........ It is Ashley's birthday today - 17 going on 30!!!! It was always going to be a difficult day with his birthday clashing with Liane's day to Cambridge but Sharon had managed to book him on a CBT training day - so he had something to look forward to and to keep him occupied.

We were back in Tunbridge Wells with 10 minutes to spare before Ashley finished - we'd had no news so had no idea how he was getting on. A few minutes later and he came swaggering out of the TA Centre saying "I've passed, where's the key?". He was dead chuffed - 5 people on the course and only 2 passes - Ashley and some 40 year "old" bloke (thanks Ashley, that makes me feel great!).

Anyone who has been following this diary will know we collected the bike a few days earlier, on the basis it was shackle locked and I had the key - all he could do was look at it! Today was the day to give him the key and send him on his way.

So .......... today has been a rather full-on day with sending both Children off on their own paths, with the future squarely in their own hands. Sharon and I wait by the phone with mixed emotions should it ring .......

I'm tired!

Valve Case for Wireless Set Nº 22 (ZAA 4815) nº 2

Valve Case for Wireless Set Nº 22 (ZAA 4815) nº 2

Wireless Set N? 22 (AUST)
Case Spare Valve
ZAA 4815

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The Wireless Set No. 22 was a portable 2-8MHz transceiver developed in 1942. It was a general purpose low power vehicle and ground station with facilities for man pack and a range up to 20 miles. wireless color printer reviews

Related Codes:
ZAA 4814 Wireless set no. 22 (Aust.) yellow band series : 1944 / prepared for the Master General of the Ordnance by Radio Corporation Pty Ltd. Signal training. Volume III, Australian pamphlet ; no. 14. South Melbourne, Vic. : Eclipse Radio, 1944
ZAA 4815 Case Spare Valve
ZAA 4840 Handbook wireless set no. 22 (Aust.) 1945 / prepared for the Master General of the Ordnance, Australian Army, Ordnance Branch. Melbourne : Govt. Printer 1945

setting up a wireless printer

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